What Killed Oliech Ja Mjengo Explained

Reports reaching this writer is that Gordone Ochieng’ alias Oliech ja mjengo is dead.

The news were announced by social media user Jaruda Mambobiad through his facebook page.

For a while now, social media users have been worried about the whereabouts of Oliech Ja Mjengo.

This forced the online celerity ‘come out of hiding’ to explain to his fans what was going on.

Oliech Jamjengo was known for his hilarious videos on TikTok, where he impersonated famous media personalities.

He had thousands of fans on TikTok who loved his humour and creativity.

The online celebrity also had a passion for journalism and social issues, and he used his platform to create his own online TV, Jamjengo TV.

He also planned to use the online TV to share original content that reflected his vision.

Below is a statement of what Oliech Ja Mjengo said pertaining his missing in action for a very long time.

We have decided to rewrite it to better communicate the intended message.

Dear JaMjengotv viewers,

I’m writing to address the recent dormancy of our platform. I launched with great enthusiasm, but unfortunately, I encountered a sudden and unexpected health challenge affecting my right eye. This has made it impossible for me to film or even use screens for an extended period due to sensitivity to light and pain.

I’ve visited several specialists, including ophthalmologists and a neurologist, and am currently undergoing a 40-day medication trial. While on this treatment, I need to avoid artificial light, significantly limiting my ability to interact with you through JaMjengotv.

I understand this delay is frustrating, and I deeply apologize for any disappointment it may cause. I assure you that I’m doing everything possible to regain my health and return to creating content.

I’m incredibly grateful for your support during this challenging time. Your kind words, understanding, and even personal visits mean the world to me. Thank you to everyone who has reached out, including Odhiambo Nyangwe, Amos Oyier, Joyjoy Ayugi, Solomon Oresi, Fredrick Aloo, and Elsy Nyagengo.

I remain positive about my recovery and hope to resume activity on JaMjengotv soon. Please keep me in your thoughts as I navigate this journey.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Cause of Oliech Jamjengo’s death

A source close to him, Brenham Muga William, told TUKO.co.ke that Jamjengo had a brain tumour.

“He suffereda brain tumour just a few days after the launch of his online TV. He was first admitted to Jalaram Hospital in Kisumu but later transferred to Kenyatta Hospital,” Muga said. R


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