Oliech Ja Mjengo Whereabouts Explained

Social media user Oliech Ja Mjengo has been missing in action for sometime now and this has sent some of his fans in panic.

Several online users have asked where Gordong Ochieng is.

Here is a statement from his official page explaining why he is not online as he used to.

S T A T E M E N T(15th Jan, 2023)

Good morning everyone, it has been a discussion about the dormance of the newly unveiled JaMjengotv. I apologize for the dormancy which has lasted one and a half months. The journey kick-started well, unfortunately a PREDICAMENT fell on me (eye-sight problem). Just after doing a few recordings, I had a problem with my right eye, as I speak I am seemingly going blind on one eye. I sought the help of a specialist and so far I have visited 2 ophthalmologists, check up done but NOTHING has bore fruits from the check ups.

I currently CAN’T be on camera because I have been asked to completely avoid artificial light and also reduce on natural light, very teary and with sharp hitting pain, I can’t hold my head up for minutes. I was advised to do an MRI and also see a neurologist I did see a neurologist who has put me on a 40 day dose medication, during this period I am to avoid artificial light.

Hopefully after the 40 day dose, I will be advised whether I can get back to camera and do what I love and so passionate about. To those who’ve reached out to me and also to those who’ve physically paid me a visit, I don’t take it for granted, THANK YOU SO MUCH. Thank you Odhiambo Nyangwe , Amos Oyier , Joyjoy Ayugi , Solomon OresiSolomon Oresi , Fredrick Aloo , Elsy Nyagengo

I only ask for your prayers and I am looking forward to getting back with more activities on our page.

Thank you!

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