New Details Emerge On Ksh.17B Fuel Cargo Linked To Businesswoman Ann Njoroge

Energy Cabinet Secretary Davis Chirchir has broken his silence over the controversial importation and ownership of a fuel consignment worth Ksh.17 billion that has led to the disappearance of a businesswoman Ann Njoroge, who is battling for the cargo with two oil marketing companies.

Chirchir who led a tree planting exercise in Baringo County has admitted that Ann Njoroge, a businesswoman who went missing after allegedly recording a statement at DCI Headquarters had visited his office in search of help.

The visit came just five days after what she claimed to be her consignment of 100,000 metric tonnes of diesel was berthed at the port of Mombasa from the High Seas without her authorisation.

“Hiyo kesi iko kortini Mombasa I am aware a lady called Ann came to my office ameenda huko kwa port akasema meli ni yake hiyo meli ilifika kitambo brought in by a company called Galana and it has been discharged so we will work to cooperate tujue ukweli iko wapi so but the case is in court at the moment,” said Chirchir.

The CS says documentation in their possession shows the consignment belongs to Galana Energies, one of the oil marketing companies handpicked to supply fuel to the other oil marketers in the government to government deal.

Chirchir however did address her mysterious disappearance after he allegedly referred her to DCI Headquarters when he sought his help. He has confirmed that the matter is still under investigation.

On its part, the management of Kenya Ports Authority who were on Sunday accused of offloading some of the cargo has come out accusing Anne of forging documents she used to claim ownership of the consignment.

In a press conference addressed by KPA Managing Director Captain William Ruto and Board Chairperson Benjamin Tayari, the management said Galana Energies Limited had the genuine importation documents.

Cap. William Ruto, the Managing Director of KPA said “Ile bill of lading amesema ni yake na ndio hii na ndio ukweli, bill of lading imekuwa signed na shipper kuwa ni yeye, carrier ni yeye things that cannot add up.”

KPA says records in their possession show that the vessel was carrying 93,460 metric tonnes of gas oil as opposed to the 100,000 metric tonnes of diesel as claimed by Ann Njoroge.

The gasoil was loaded between 26th and 28th September at Yanbu – Samref terminal, after which she departed for anchorage at Jeddah

The ship departed for Mombasa on September 30th according to KPA.

KPA further says that in it’s records out of the manifested 93,490 metric tonnes of Gasoil, 49,091 metric tonnes was destined to Kenya with the shipper being Aramco Trading Fujairah as nominated by the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum

The remainder 44,368 metric tonnes was transit cargo for neighbouring countries including Uganda, South Sudan and DR Congo.

KPA insists their are no documents to show Ann’s Import and Export Enterprises Limited as the owner of the cargo.

While pointing out inconsistencies in documentation, KPA have questioned claims by the businesswoman that the vessel originated from Azerbeijan Republic and loaded at Jeddah.

The authority says documents in their possession show Yanbu in Saudi Arabia as the origin of the cargo.

Also in question is the date of loading, Ann had claimed that the vessel was loaded on October 9th yet the ship had arrived in Mombasa on October 11th.

They have also questioned why the bill of lading is not signed by the Master of the vessel.

The disappearance of Ann Njoroge, a businesswoman who has been involved in the oil importation business for 33 years comes just two months after another mysterious abduction of Rai Group Chairman Jaswant Rai who was released three days later.

Rai’s abduction remains a mystery to date even though subsequent events pointed to the ongoing wrangles in the sugar sector.


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