Morocco Retains Top Spot, Kenya Drops in Latest FIFA Nations Ranking

Africa Nations FIFA Ranking: The latest FIFA rankings for February 2024 see Morocco hold onto their No. 12 position, reaffirming their status as the best-ranked African nation.

However, there’s movement brewing beneath them, with several teams making notable gains and losses.

Senegal (17th) remains close behind, maintaining their second-place position among African nations.

Nigeria (28th) experiences a slight drop, but still sits comfortably within the top 30 globally.

Egypt (36th) shows encouraging progress, inching closer to the top 30 with a few positions gained. Ivory Coast (39th) and Tunisia (41st) follow closely, solidifying their presence in the top 45 worldwide.

Algeria (43rd) slips slightly but remains within striking distance of their North African rivals. The surprise package comes from Mali (47th), rising several spots and entering the top 50 for the first time in recent memory.

Further down the list, Cameroon (51st) experiences a small dip, while South Africa (59th) continues to search for consistency in their rankings. Burkina Faso (61st) and DR Congo (63rd) hold steady, waiting for an opportunity to climb.

Beyond the top 10:

  • Cape Verde (66th) continues their impressive rise, while Ghana (67th) shows signs of recovery.
  • Guinea (76th) and Equatorial Guinea (79th) face a uphill battle, aiming to return to their former glory.
  • Gabon (84th) and Zambia (88th) find themselves hovering around the bottom of the top 100.

East and Central Africa:

  • Uganda (92nd) and Angola (93rd) represent the region in the top 100, while Kenya (111th) struggles to find their footing.
  • Comoros (121st) and Malawi (122nd) bring up the rear, alongside several other nations striving to improve their international standing.

This ranking update paints a dynamic picture of African football, showcasing the continent’s ever-evolving landscape.

With major tournaments like the Africa Cup of Nations on the horizon, it will be interesting to see how these rankings shift as teams battle for continental supremacy.

Here is the list:

Morocco – 12
Senegal – 17
Nigeria – 28
Egypt – 36
Ivory Coast – 39
Tunisia – 41
Algeria – 43
Mali – 47
Cameroon – 51
South Africa – 59
Burkina Faso – 61
DR Congo – 63
Cape Verde – 66
Ghana – 67
Guinea – 76
Equatorial Guinea – 79
Gabon – 84
Zambia – 88
Uganda – 92
Angola – 93
Benin – 98
Mauritania – 104
Namibia – 107
Madagascar – 109
Mozambique – 110
Kenya – 111
Congo – 112
Togo – 117
Guinea-Bissau – 118
Libya – 119
Tanzania – 120
Comoros – 121
Malawi – 122
Sierra Leone – 126
Sudan – 127
Niger – 128
Central African Republic – 129
Gambia – 130

Africa Nations FIFA Ranking


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