Meet Kenyan Country Music Artist Justus Abunga alias Bobby McJones Set To Perform In Netherlands

Meet Justus Abunga, also known as Bobby McJones, a talented musician with a remarkable journey.

As a Mathematics and Economics graduate from the University of Nairobi, Bobby embarked on his musical path during his campus days and has been singing ever since.

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After graduation, like many Kenyans, Bobby found himself working in the mjengo industry to make ends meet.

However, fate took a fortunate turn when he was told about a journalist named Sorobi Moturi Erastus, the senior leading and top presenter at Egesa FM, who could help him gain exposure for his musical talent.

Initially hesitant due to feeling inadequate and unprepared, Bobby eventually established contact with Sorobi, which led to his appearance on the Kanyeka Jumapili show on Egesa FM.

The turning point in Bobby’s musical career came when he was invited to perform at a high-end resort in Laikipia County, where he caught the attention of a music enthusiast from the Netherlands.

Thanks to this newfound contact, Bobby has been invited to represent Africa and Kenya as the only African performer at the prestigious RED CARPET FAIRPLAY COUNTRY MUSIC AWARD SHOW in the Netherlands this August.

However, Bobby requires support to cover his travel and accommodation expenses for this significant opportunity.

If you live in the Netherlands and can offer accommodation for at least ten days, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, Bobby appeals for financial support of Ksh. 300k, which can be sent to his mobile number 0715 318 662, to help him make this journey possible.

To show your support for Bobby McJones, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel (https://youtube.com/@bobbymcjones.5508) and invite him to perform at your events or refer him to your friends using the same mobile number, 0715 318 662.

Let’s share this post widely and spread the word to ensure that Bobby receives the backing he needs to shine at the RED CARPET FAIRPLAY COUNTRY MUSIC AWARD SHOW.

You can watch his full interview and performance at https://youtu.be/bPSxpCnrGg8, where he captivates the audience with his rendition of Kenny Rogers’ classic “Lucille,” a song with a rich history in country music.

The song was originally written by Roger Bowling & Hal Bynum and first recorded by Kenny Rogers in 1977, marking his first hit as a solo artist after leaving the successful Country/Rock group, The First Edition.

Later, it was covered by several artists, including Billy Currington around 2006.

Justus Abunga Bobby MCjones


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