Kenya Launches Oral Cholera Vaccination In These Counties

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with county governments and with support from WHO, UNICEF, and other partners, is presently carrying out an Oral Cholera vaccination campaign scheduled to take place from Thursday, 3rd August to Saturday, 12th August 2023.

The primary objective of this cholera vaccination campaign is to reach approximately 1.5 million individuals aged one year and above in six specific counties.

The targeted counties include Nairobi County (specifically Kamukunji and Embakasi Central sub-counties), Wajir County (Wajir North sub-county), Mandera County (Mandera East sub-county), Marsabit County (Moyale sub-county), Homa Bay County (Suba South sub-county), Machakos County (GK Prison and Special school), and Garissa County (Dadaab refugee camps).

New reports indicate that the Ministry has conducted training sessions for the county and sub-county teams within the selected areas.

These sessions aim to ensure the efficient and successful implementation of the vaccination campaign.

Community members, parents, and caregivers are strongly urged to take advantage of this life-saving opportunity and receive the vaccine.

It is also crucial for them to ensure that their children are vaccinated as well.

Furthermore, the Ministry has issued advisories to the public, emphasizing the importance of continuing to practice essential public health measures.

These measures include regular handwashing, proper water treatment, thorough cooking of food, and using latrines for proper fecal disposal.

Experts assert that adhering to these measures is critical in preventing the spread of cholera and safeguarding the health and well-being of all community members.


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