Eric Omondi: Why I Stopped Taking Alcohol

Entertainer Eric Omondi has disclosed the reasons behind his decision to quit consuming alcohol, shedding light on his journey during a recent interview with a local news outlet.

For the past seven years, the internet sensation has refrained from alcohol altogether.

Eric Omondi provided several factors that influenced this choice, one of them being the impact it had on his public image.

According to him, alcohol consumption made him appear older and thinner, negatively affecting his overall appearance.

Furthermore, Omondi shared that his drinking habit had reached a point where it started to impair his memory, leading to difficulties in recalling his comedic content while performing.

This realization prompted him to make the decision to abstain from alcohol entirely.

“I have been alcohol-free for about seven years now. I used to drink excessively, but it began to take a toll on my physical appearance and affected my ability to perform. I would forget jokes, and I noticed that I looked much older. So, I decided to quit,” Eric Omondi candidly revealed.

Eric Omondi also addressed the topic of smoking, expressing his fondness for the smell of tobacco. Despite this, he has never attempted smoking out of fear of becoming addicted, as he finds the tobacco scent appealing.

He stated, “I have never smoked anything in my life, but I do enjoy the smell of tobacco. However, I fear that if I were to try smoking, I might easily become addicted.”

According to Eric Omondi, maintaining sobriety enables individuals to concentrate on what truly matters.

As an example, he mentioned how intoxicated individuals often take longer to reach their destination, emphasizing the disadvantages associated with alcohol consumption. “Just like a drunk person takes a considerable amount of time to get home, being sober helps you achieve your goals more efficiently,” he added.

In September 2017, Eric Omondi was compelled to address a viral video that captured him in an inebriated state, becoming even more intoxicated at an event held at the Ngong racecourse in Nairobi.

The footage, shared by Joe Muchiri, depicted a drowsy Eric Omondi attempting to consume a bottle of whiskey but instantly gagging in response.


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